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This is a comprehensive employment information site for job changes and job hunting activities. We provide job offer information, links to job change sites and Hello Work, how to write resumes and resumes, and know-how such as interview measures. This is a job change information site for all nations, all job types, and all age groups, including job information for job changes, job offers for full-time employees for new and second graduates, and non-regular employees such as temporary staff and part-time workers.

Job listings are updated daily! The job hunting blog, which is a blog about occupations and employment issues, is being updated regularly. In addition, for companies wishing to post a job offer, we accept 1 coin = 500 yen, and in the job advertisement posting , we also introduce a comparison of each company posting fee. Please use it for your recruiting activities.

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  • Itabashi Institute of Foreign Languages ” Instructor of English conversation class “

    ★ Urgent recruitment ★ Immediately from JR Itabashi station! Would you like to make effective use of your free time?
    Since opening the school in 2000, we have developed many talented people, starting with Chinese, increasing the number of classes in English, Korean, and Japanese. I will continue to make use of my abundant experience to make sure that everyone can master beautiful foreign languages ​​correctly. Would you like to teach English to students at our school?
  • Featured job information


    (will always be updated)

    Studio Issei
     ” Home SEO / Website Update

    Please lend your SEO ability a little! Affiliates are welcome!
    Would you like to revive your corporate site that has dropped from 1 million access to 10,000 access due to recent penguin updates and panda updates with your SEO? Especially for free web designers, web directors, coders, and affiliates, why not make a fixed fixed income or one-off high income?

    Itabashi Foreign Language Institute ” Medical Interpreter (Chinese) “

    [Recruiting at any time! Once a month, side job OK! ] Would you like to make the most of your Chinese?
    I am a medical interpreter who mainly accompanies human dogs of Chinese and Taiwanese patients and interprets conversations with doctors and nurses. It is a registration system, and since the salary system is also given in the form of “reward”, it is also possible to register for office workers and housewives who are prohibited from side jobs / income. Besides medical interpreting, I also have the task of translating medical articles written in Chinese (simplified or traditional). This is a big welcome for working from home! People who have left the company or Chinese due to marriage or parenting can also play an active role. Chinese is still in demand, so why not make use of your language skills in the medical field? Feel free to contact us ♪

    Fujiyama Co., Ltd. “ Housing equipment sales ”

    Recruitment of sales men (men and women)! It is a company that has increased sales and profits for 20 consecutive years since its establishment!
    Headquartered in Osaka, we have branch offices in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuoka, and Seoul. We are a company with a vigorous increase in sales and profits for the 20th consecutive year since our foundation with our original products and sales system. This time we are recruiting for the development of human resources who will lead the next generation, so we welcome people with little experience as adults.

    EBS Co., Ltd. ” Design assistance “

    Even those who cannot operate CAD are OK!
    It is a small company in its 3rd year of establishment. Currently, there is only one employee, but the amount of work is increasing year by year, and we are looking for human resources who can play an active part in 5 years and 10 years. My job is to design a mobile phone base station for a certain carrier, and my job is never exhausted. Why don’t you join us in expanding a small company?

    Holistic Healthcare Research Institute Co., Ltd. “ Therapist (candidate for store manager) ”

    Recruitment of manager candidates and therapists! No experience required, free training available!
    Due to business expansion, we are recruiting new staff and manager candidates. You will work at a new store or an existing store. Those who are motivated are welcome, and double work is OK! Would you like to make the most of your free time? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all.

    Miyazawa Co., Ltd. “ Factory staff ”

    Recruitment of full-time staff for business expansion!
    Due to business expansion, we are looking for full-time staff. We have a lot of worksites such as Fujisawa, Ayase, and Kawasaki in the factory in Kanagawa. Productivity, motivation, rewarding, and teamwork. Miyazawa is a company where people are the main focus.

    Itabashi Foreign Language Institute ” Korean language teacher “

    ★ Urgent recruitment of Korean teachers ★ 1 hour a day, once a week-OK!
    Since opening the school in 2000, we have developed many talented people, starting with Chinese, increasing the number of classes in English, Korean, and Japanese. I will continue to make use of my abundant experience to make sure that everyone can master beautiful foreign languages ​​correctly. Would you like to teach Korean to our students?